Digital Forensic and Information Security Services 


Secure Your Data Center Perimeter: Learn To Control Access & Thwart Unauthorized Guests  

              Data security begins with controlling physical access to your organization’s
              critical environments, because one rogue individual standing in front of a
              server is no less dangerous than a hacker in another country. (Read More)

10 Years After 9/11, Do We Face a Serious Cyberterrorism Threat?               
            There has been much discussion as to whether terrorist groups could get access
             to nuclear, biological or chemical weapons — weapons of mass destruction.
             Should we be concerned about another potential threat — a cyberweapon of
             mass destruction? (Read More)

PANDEMIC – How will it affect our infrastructure? 

            Today we are talking with Cyber-Terrorism expert, Damon Petraglia about how
            a major pandemic would affect our infrastructure and how hostile nations could
            exploit the situation by launching a cyber attack. (Read More)

Could Your Car Get a Computer Virus?

             In the past, car viruses were rare because one of the only ways to infect a  
             vehicle was by a mechanic and via the computer or software he used to diagnose
             problems with the car. (Read More)

Cloud Computing Concerns - Questions to ask an online backup provider

            The third in a series of cloud computing and IT security experts who share their
             experiences and expertise on how to overcome the common security concerns 
            of cloud computing. (Read More)

Cloud Computing and Security: How safe is HR data in the cloud?
            Cloud computing is all the rage for some firms. But should sensitive  data
            reside on the Internet? (Read More)

How Can HR Help Guard Against Data Breach? 

       Even the CIA is vulnerable.

Recent reports of cyber attacks targeting the U.S. federal government and prominent organizations, including the CIA and the U.S. Senate’s website, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Lockheed Martin and dozens of others in 2011, have highlighted the need for corporations to make sure their enterprises are secure. (Read More)