Digital Forensic and Information Security Services 

Information Security Services

  • Training and Awareness 

Chartstone instructors have advanced degrees in their field of study coupled with years of experience. Instructors have diverse experience in teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels, instructing and training law enforcement, providing federal agency information security and compliance training and corporate and government contractor training. Chartstone instructors are experts at curriculum development and delivery.  


  • Social Engineering

Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. It is commonly overlooked in security testing, however it may be the biggest vulnerability to your organization. Chartstone security experts have performed authorized social engineering tests throughout the world. Results of these tests have assisted many organizations in preventing devastating breaches.


  • Enterprise Risk Management 

Chartstone’s vast experience allows our security experts to use integrated and holistic approaches to understand and design plans to manage all the risks an organization faces. Chartstone has assisted mid-size and large corporations and federal agencies in creating and implementing risk management frameworks custom tailored to their businesses and environments.


  • Policy and Procedure Assessment and Development

With years of experience and specialties in varied compliance initiatives, Chartstone security experts will quickly identify gaps by a change of internal or external factors, or as a result of a regular review of the policy or procedure. They will undertake research to ensure best practice and compliance as well as consult with stakeholders to gain agreement on policies and procedures.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

Chartstone has performed vulnerability assessments throughout the world for corporate and federal clients. From simple to complex, Chartstone has done it all. Chartstone staff of technical testers and policy and procedure experts are authorities on information security and compliance. Each assessment is custom tailored to the client business and environment.


  • Penetration Testing

Chartstone penetration testers are in a constant state of training. They do not simply run automated tools. They understand three key things: the client’s network, information security and the client’s business. Armed with this knowledge, the penetration testers are able to “think outside of the box” and perform tests that produce real results and improve the security posture of the client’s enterprise.


  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

To minimize disaster losses, it is very important to have a good disaster recovery plan for every business and operation within an enterprise. Chartstone experts have reviewed , designed and tested disaster recovery and business continuity plans for corporations, federal agencies and major hospitals.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Chartstone security experts are authorities in NIST, FISMA, OMB, FIPS, HIPAA, SOX and many others. Chartstone experts understand the applicable laws, standards and regulations of many industries and they compliment that with sound business process  and information security knowledge.