Digital Forensic and Information Security Services 

Forensic Services

As a leader in the field, Chartstone offers a complete line of digital forensic services and solutions.

Our analysts recognize the challenges that current and future technologies impose and strive not only to meet, but anticipate, those needs.

Chartstone highly skilled forensic analysts meet with  our clients to determine the nature of incidents, develop a Plan and apply a proven methodology and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best possible result. We do not charge our clients for computer 'processing time' when analysts are not actively involved in that process.

Chartstone is confident in responding to any request with full -time professional staff  to meet your requirements locally or anywhere in the world with expedited service.

You can be confident in Chartstone. We only use proven, trusted, industry-leading forensic solutions and methodologies. Chartstone analysts have years of experience with civil and criminal cases including:

    • Unauthorized disclosure of corporate or trade              • Criminal fraud / deception
       secret data                                                                             • Harassment
    • Employee internet / computer / email abuse                • Divorce
    • Employee termination                                                        • And More... 

      The Chartstone Forensic Process

Chartstone analysts will meet with the client to determine the scope of the project and establish a forensic examination plan. The analysts will triage the client’s needs and provide guidance to ensure the proper devices and data are acquired for analysis. This is a crucial step as important evidence may reside throughout networks, at third-party providers, or be subject to jurisdictional implications.

As part of the forensic examination plan, a chain-of-custody will be initiated for all physical and logical devices and items. The analyst will employ a write-block device to ensure there is no alteration of the original data and evidence. A forensic image (bit-stream copy) is acquired from the target media. This image is verified by cyclical redundancy checksum (CRC) and MD5 to ensure it is an exact duplicate for court acceptance. The analyst will verify and catalog results throughout this process.

Chartstone has years of experience in data recovery and acquisition. We have the ability to go beyond the capabilities of most computer forensic software tools. Chartstone understands the architecture and design of multifaceted systems and we know where to look in the complex environments of corporate networks, know what questions to ask and work in a manner with little or no interruption to the flow of business. Chartstone Specialists know how to locate, preserve and extract data from virtually any computer, server or device from smart phones to laptops to server to complex email systems, and beyond.

Even the smallest computer or digital devices can contain thousands upon thousands of files. Chartstone uses state-of-the-art computer forensic techniques and tools, coupled with years of experience, to yield exceptional results. Taking direction from the forensic examination plan, the analyst will search and analyze the forensic image for responsive data. This may include, but not be limited to, key word, phrase or term searches, date searches, metadata analysis, registry review and manual review. This process may include recovering deleted, protected and / or hidden data.

After analysis, the analyst prepares and delivers a report. This may be a written report or an oral testimony. Reports are typically customized dependent on the client needs and applicable laws. Part of the reporting process may include electronic copies of evidence where allowed by law. Chartstone analysts are available for expert witness testimony.

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