Digital Forensic and Information Security Services 

Background Investigation

Chartstone provides a full range of investigative and personnel security services. We are dedicated to the utmost in accuracy and confidentiality. Chartstone is a State of Connecticut licensed private investigation firm, license # A-2598.

With over 40 years experience providing personnel investigations and character and integrity assurance involving pre-employment and personnel investigations Chartstone has national capabilities with a commitment to local personalized service.

Below is a sampling of just some of the information Chartstone is able to provide depending on the investigation type, need or requirements.

                                        SSN Verification                                                                                                        Potential Subject Photo verification
                                        Name / Alias  Checks                                                                                                Out of state Criminal Records 
                                        CT  Arrests & Convictions                                                                                         Past Employers inquiries
                                        VOP &FTA & OTI Warrants in CT                                                                             Driver's License Information
                                        Terrorist and Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons                        Professional Affiliations                 
                                        CT State Criminal Check (NAME ONLY)                                                                  Professional Licenses
                                        CT State Criminal Check (FULL)                                                                              Bankruptcy Records
                                        CT Motor Vehicle Record                                                                                          Liens
                                        Medical - List of Excluded Individuals and Entities                                                   Judgments 
                                        National Sex  Offender search                                                                                  Property Foreclosures
                                        Credit Report                                                                                                             Evictions
                                        Residential Inquires                                                                                                   Current & Past Vehicle Information
                                        Current Property Deeds                                                                                             US Business Affiliations
                                        Past Property Deeds                                                                                                  UCC Filings
                                        Property Assessments                                                                                               Aircraft Records & Pilots Licenses
                                        Interview Associates                                                                                                  Weapon & Firearm Licenses


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